The Alfka team is an award-winning group of professionals with global experience in the delivery of engineering projects within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry



Project Management

The use of lean practices for the development and deployment of engineering projects; is our time-tested method for a time and cost sensitive project delivery.


Water Resources

One of our fundamental resources is water. And as such, water is fundamental for our health and economic well-being. Our engineers develop projects to improve and preserve our natural resources.


Engineering Training

As Albert Einstein said it: "Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” Our pursuit of wisdom has lead us to share our hard-earned knowledge.


Transportation Safety

Societies are built around infrastructure. Infrastructure is built around transportation networks.

Our engineers are experts at improving the safety of our transportation networks.


Civil Engineering

The re-contouring of the earth and the creation of underground utilities are the foundation of our modern societies.

We are specialists in making these invisible elements functional and sustainable.


Urban Planning

“A great city is that which has the greatest men and women” - Mark Twain.

With our expertise in sustainable living, we can plan urban spaces to bring functionality, and most important, joy to our streets.

Stormwater, Erosion and Sediment Control Instruction

The preservation of our water resources requires the maintenance of a delicate balance. And this balance is disrupted during the development of new engineering infrastructure. Development of land, whether it is for a new highway or a new office building, requires the re-contouring of terrain. And as such, requires a redistribution of drainage patterns. This change in the land creates the potential for long term erosion through storm events that occur during the life of the project. To prevent short and long term erosion, temporary and permanent erosion and sediment control systems need to be developed as an integral part of these projects’ designs. Our Water Resource Engineering experts have partnered with Red Vector to develop a series of courses to assist professionals and practitioners within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry to develop and execute infrastructure projects that maintain stormwater quality, minimize erosion and control sediment discharges.

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Maintenance of Traffic Training Administration

Safety on our roadways and highways needs to begin from their inception. This is why Alfka has partnered with the Florida Department of Transportation to administer the Maintenance of Traffic Training Program for the entire State of Florida. Our experts are proud of working on this contract for our home state. This has given us the opportunity to improve the safety of our highways and roadways on a daily basis. We ensure that Engineers, Contractors and Highway Designers receive the most up-to-date training on safely maintaining roadway traffic during construction.

Laws, Rules of Conduct and Ethics for Engineers

This seminar has 3 one-hour courses that provide a framework that professional engineers can use in their everyday practice to make ethical decisions in accordance to common rules of conduct of different engineering societies and common laws of different state licensing boards.

Geographic Information Systems in Asset Management


The American Society of Civil Engineers has launched a series of 12-Week Guided Online Courses to improve the Continuing Education of professionals within the A/E/C Industry. Our team of experts is developing a five part series of courses in GIS and Asset Management.


Civil Engineering PE Exam Preparation Courses


Our Team of experts is administering a series of Civil Engineering PE Exam preparation courses that are being offered by Power to Pass, which is the Nation's leading Instructor on PE Exam Preparation. 


Continuing Education Courses


Partnering with Vector Solutions and Red Vector our team has been hard at work in the development of Continuing Education Courses in the areas of Transportation, Water Resources and Project Management. We have assisted in the professional development of over 7,000 Architects, Engineers and Contractors throughout the U.S. and abroad.